Bringing People Together In VR


Affordable VR

Leveraging the latest developments in WebVR, we make VR affordable so that everyone with a laptop or a mobile phone can join.


Covid Proof

Organise events in VR with the same coziness as a live event, without the fear of COVID messing up your plans.


Visual Explanation

In VR you have a full extra dimension you can use to explain your ideas!

Thanks to VROOM, I could finally move to the Bahamas! For all these years I've stayed at the North Pole because it's part of my brand, but with VROOM I can have my meetings in VR and nobody is none the wiser!
Santa Claus
VROOM was able to do what SpaceX never did. I can finally have my meetings on Mars! Now that I don't have to occupy myself with SpaceX I can persue my dream of becoming a memelord.
Elon Musk
VROOM is the best! The greatest! Thanks to VROOM I'm still in the oval office which means I won the election! Biden will never be able to steal VROOM from me!
Donald Trump

Become An Investor

This whole site is a joke, please don't take the investment part seriously.
If you however do decide to donate, I'll drink some hot chocolate in your honor!